Perl Nagios::Plugin, tombstone release

Recently I tried to figure out how I could monitor the number of VM Snapshots in my vSphere environment. I found a good looking plugin created by consollabs. Link. The

Icinga2 + Graphite

Your Icinga2 is up and running? Nice, let's add some graphs. That's how our icinga should look like with graphite Bye the way you can easily use pnp4 instead of

Cisco NX-OS

Welcome to my little Cisco NX-OS Helper. I update this page with all the useful commands I need for work.. Administration Write config copy running-config startup-config

Nextcloud 10, HTTPS

Ciao! I assume your Nextcloud environment is up and running. Let's make it more secure by switching to HTTPS connection. Prerequisites You need a certificate that matches with your future

Nextcloud 10 , install on Debian 7

Welcome to my Nextcloud installation guide. We will setup Apache2, MariaDb and Nextcloud 10 on a Debian 7 System. I found a lot of manuals to install NextCloud on Ubuntu,

Icinga2, Upgrade failed

I came, updated and crashed the system From time to time I just run apt-get update apt-get upgrade to update to all the latest versions. I'm not a big fan

Icinga 2, Check Cisco Switch with Centreon

Updated. 6.11.2016 We are going to install the centreon plugins and use it to check several cisco switchs. You can find alot of informations about the plugins here

Cisco helper

Last Updated 16.10.2016 My little Cisco IOS Helper. A CheatSheet for forgetful people. Show Show config show run Show Switch Model and IOS Version show version Show interfaces

Icinga2, monitor vCenter

Updated 22.10.2016 My task; Check the health status of a vCenter Server 6 and the used Storage. I already have an Icinga2 System in place from which I

Linux helper

This is my little linux diary. A summary of useful commands under debian. Show OS Version $ lsb_release -a shutdown & start network interface sudo ifdown eth0 sudo ifup eth0